Dr Robert Watson

Dr Robert Watson


Gentle, professional and reassuring

Fertility / Gynaecology / Obstetrics

Dr Watson cares for patients’ gynaecological & fertility needs as well as pregnancy & delivery.

Dr Robert Watson a fertility specialist, gynaecologist and obstetrician who has enjoyed an affiliation with Queensland Fertility Group since the mid 1990s.

He was initially drawn to the field by the consistent breakthroughs happening in fertility science, as new technologies and techniques empowered specialists to bring hope to couples with a range of complications.

As a big believer in the value of holistic care, Robert relishes being able to support his clients the whole way through their journey, particularly those requiring complex obstetrics care following a successful IVF pregnancy.

Bob has been practising for so long, he is now delivering the babies of mothers he helped deliver! With a calm and relaxed bedside manner, Bob loves that all of his clients come from different walks of life and always enjoys listening to their personal stories.

As a father of three, Bob appreciates that he and his clients share the same instinct to create and nurture a family and has many of his clients return for his expertise through multiple successive pregnancies.

Meet Dr Robert Watson

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