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The Patient Portal is exclusively made available to Queensland Fertility Group (QFG) patients, to allow them to share their experiences and support each other through their fertility treatments.

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Fertility Nurses

Supporting you throughout your treatment

Your Queensland Fertility Group Fertility Nurse provides constant support and day-to-day advice throughout the ups and downs of your fertility treatment.

After meeting your specialist for the first time, you can make an appointment to see a Nurse Co-ordinator. She’ll discuss your treatment plan, answer your questions and help support you throughout your journey.

The nursing team at your clinic will:

  • Provide you with information about your treatment and explain any terminology or options you’re not sure about
  • Show you and your partner how to administer any drugs you need to take as part of your treatment
  • Assist in the collection of blood for hormone tests as required
  • Liaise with your fertility specialist to confirm the next steps in your treatment
  • Arrange appointments with our infertility counsellor as needed
  • Follow up on your egg collection and embryo transfer
  • Organise your pregnancy test

IVF involves a number of daily injections for a short period of time, which you need to administer yourself using a simple device similar to a diabetic pen. Your nurse will show you how to use this, and can help you with any concerns – most patients find it quite easy to use and it causes minimal discomfort.

QFG Nursing Team

How the QFG nursing team will support you through your IVF or fertility treatment journey.

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From conception to delivery

Queensland Fertility Group has a team of 29 nurses in our 13 clinics throughout Queensland. Many are experienced midwives or have an extensive women’s health background. When they join us they undergo additional training in fertility care.

Carmel Carrigan is our Director of Nursing and has more than 28 years' nursing experience including 24 years' experience in midwifery, women's health and infertility care. Carmel completed her general nurse training at the Princess Alexandra Hospital and Midwifery at the Mater Mothers' Hospital.  Her Bachelor of Nursing (Postgraduate) was undertaken at the Queensland University of Technology.

Carmel took up a position of Donor Coordinator at Queensland Fertility Group in 2003, returning to work after completing her family. Carmel has held her current role as the Director of Nursing for Queensland Fertility Group since 2007. She is passionate about research and the provision of high quality nursing care.

If you have any initial questions about fertility, or need help selecting a doctor, please call 1800 111 IVF (483) or email us. This dedicated line is staffed by experienced fertility nurses, and is a great resource for new patients.

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