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Planning for pregnancy has never been easier. Our FREE 4 Week Fertility Facts Program has been developed by Australia’s leading Fertility Specialists to guide you and your partner through one of the most exciting times of your life – making a baby.

How does it work?

Our four week email program will feature medically proven tips and insights from Queensland Fertility Group’s experienced doctors to increase your chance of falling pregnant.

Each week, we will also feature advice from relationship expert Nikki Goldstein and dietician Melanie McGrice on staying healthy while trying to conceive and preparing your body for pregnancy.

The 4-week fertility program started on January 15th. You can still sign up now and you'll receive all emails to date and any future emails.

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Hear from our Fertility Specialists on what factors can affect your fertility and what you can do to maximise your chance of conceiving – register to attend one of our FREE Fertility Seminars.

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Is this program right for us?

Whether you have been trying to conceive for some time, or are just starting out, this program can help. 1 in 6 couples experience pregnancy delay – but the good news is many couples can boost their chances of falling pregnant by being better educated about conception and fertility.

Week 1:

  • Understanding your body and ovulation
  • How to calculate your most fertile days each month
  • Staying positive
  • Let’s talk about sex – timing, positions, frequency and keeping intimacy in the bedroom
  • The importance of folate

Week 2:

  • Healthy food choices for fertility
  • Simple lifestyle changes for you and your partner
  • Healthy, positive relationships
  • Complementary therapies

Week 3:

  • Common issues that affect male and female fertility
  • Taking the first step – basic fertility tests for men and women
  • Tackling fertility issues together

Week 4:

  • When to see your GP
  • How can a Fertility Specialist help?
  • Sign up to a FREE Fertility Seminar

Need a fertility friend?

Sharing your fertility experiences other people on a similar journey can be an invaluable source of support and encouragement. Head over to our private Facebook group, and chat with other women who are trying to conceive.

If you are already a patient of QFG, make sure you sign up to our Fertility Forum to connect with other QFG patients online.

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