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IVF after Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a common condition that can affect fertility. Laparoscopic surgery can successfully treat this condition, and also improve your chance of conceiving with IVF.  

When the cells lining the uterus grow in other places (such as the pelvis), this is known as endometriosis. It’s a common condition and it can affect fertility. Laparoscopic surgery is used to treat endometriosis, and also improves the chance of conceiving with IVF.

When John, 40, and Kate, 38, first met their Fertility Specialist in Cairns they had been trying to conceive for three years, and Kate had just had an ectopic pregnancy.

Kate was diagnosed with endometriosis and was advised to have laparoscopic surgery to treat it. As they had been trying to conceive for some time, and due to Kate’s age and medical history, the specialist recommended beginning IVF once this was resolved. 

This involved collecting Kate’s eggs and John’s sperm, and creating an embryo that will then be placed back into Kate’s uterus in a procedure called embryo transfer

Fertility treatment considerations

Given Kate and John’s ages, and her history of endometriosis, the specialist explained their individual chance of falling pregnant through IVF treatment using both their fresh and frozen embryos. 

He ordered an AMH (anti-mullerian hormone test) to determine the appropriate dose of IVF stimulation hormone to administer in their IVF cycle, and performed an ultrasound to check Kate didn’t have any ovarian cysts, endometrial polyps or uterine fibroids. He also ordered a semen analysis for John, which came back as normal.

In their first IVF cycle, four eggs were fertilised to create four embryos. One was transferred, and three were frozen. The chosen embryo was placed into Kate’s uterus in a simple procedure performed by her Fertility Specialist.

Two weeks later, Kate had a blood test at her nearest clinic to see if she was pregnant and the result was positive!

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