6 February 2024

Captivating Australia’s hearts - ‘Big Miracles’ back for Season Two

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Australia’s hearts will once again be captivated by the brave couples and individuals sharing their courageous experiences of trying to become pregnant, as the 9Network’s Big Miracles returns for Season Two in 2024.

A whole new group of committed couples and individuals will reveal their raw and emotive fertility challenges, with bundles of hope and love.

Australia’s most beloved and award-winning actress Lisa McCune is back as the show’s narrator, to take viewers on intimate and powerful IVF journeys.

Big Miracles Season One generated a huge fan-base, as audiences fell in love with the courageous patients and committed doctors. Viewers witnessed real-life IVF journeys and were taken behind-the-scenes into hospital birthing suites and IVF laboratories, to witness the highs and lows of people trying to have a child, against overwhelming odds.

Once again, Virtus Health’s IVF clinics opened their doors to documentary producers, Ronde Media, filming Big Miracles across Australia, at IVFAustralia, Queensland Fertility Group and Melbourne IVF’s clinics.

“Season One of Big Miracles introduced mainstream audiences to the world of IVF; Season Two will take viewers even deeper into the complexities of assisted reproduction, with an in-depth look at IVF cutting-edge science and technology,” said James Pyne, Virtus Health CEO. 

“The stars of Big Miracles are truly the brave couples and individuals who open up their lives to share their most intimate fertility struggles as they show fearless determination to become parents.

“We are so proud that our staff - the nurses, fertility specialists, embryologist and administrators – can take viewers deeper into the science behind-the-miracles for Season Two,” said Mr Pyne.

Season Two will reveal another raft of diverse and challenging fertility issues affecting men and women, helping to educate Australia on fertility facts, bust myths and get people talking about fertility. 


Big Miracles Season Two is produced by Ronde Media for the 9Network with major production investment from Nine in association with Screen Australia, and financed with support from Screen NSW.

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