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Donor sperm, eggs or embryos give some couples or single women their only chance of having a baby. Queensland Fertility Group has over 30 years’ experience helping women and couples access donor sperm, eggs and embryos to create their family.

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Professional support for our donors and patients

There are some complex issues to consider before using donor sperm, eggs or embryos to have a baby. That’s why Queensland Fertility Group has a dedicated and experienced donor team as well as professional counselling staff, to provide expert guidance and support for donors and recipients throughout the process.

The legal framework for donors and recipients

Queensland Fertility Group follows the National Health & Medical Research Committee (NHMRC) Ethical guidelines on the use of Assisted Reproductive Technology in clinical practice and research, 2017. Separate to this but under Queensland legislation, the birth parents registering the birth of a child are the legal parents, and the donor has no legal rights or financial responsibilities to the child.

Talking about donor origins

It is up to the parents of a child to explain, when they feel it’s appropriate, the way in which the child was conceived. Our experience shows the more openly available this information is, the more successful the outcome is for everyone.

In this section, you can find out more about:

Using donor sperm

Queensland Fertility Group’s sperm donor program helps heterosexual couples, same sex couples or single women to conceive. Find out more about using donor sperm…

Donating sperm

Sperm donation is one of the most generous gifts a man can give. For some women and couples, donor sperm gives them their only chance of having a healthy baby. Find out more about donating sperm…

Using an egg donor

If you are having trouble conceiving naturally or with fertility treatment, using an egg donor may increase your chance of having a healthy baby. Find out more about using an egg donor…

Donating eggs

For some women, using a donor egg gives them their only chance of having a healthy baby. Eggs are often donated by close friends or family members, and there is a shortage of anonymous donors in Australia. Find out more about donating eggs…

Donor embryos

If you feel your family is now complete, and you still have embryos frozen from previous fertility treatment, you may choose to donate your embryos, either to someone you know or anonymously, to give another the chance to have a family. Find out more about donating embryos, or using donated embryos…


Surrogacy involves a woman carrying a child in her uterus on behalf of another woman or couple who, for various medical reasons, may not be able to carry a baby to full term. Find out more about surrogacy…

Options for LGBTQI couples

Queensland Fertility Group’s donor program offers LGBTQI couples options for starting a family, including the use of donated sperm or eggs, and assistance in navigating the surrogacy process. Find out more about fertility treatment options for LGBTQI couples…

Options for single women

We have many fertility treatment options for single women, whether you are ready to start your family now, or want to protect your fertility for the future by freezing eggs. Find out more about options for single women…

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