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Queensland Fertility Group offers a range of treatment options to help you...

Queensland Fertility Group (QFG) has over 30 Fertility Specialists

QFG has fertility clinics locations across QLD from Cairns, down to the Gold Coast.

Find out more about the cost of fertility treatment...

same sex couple

If you’re in a same-sex relationship and considering starting your family, the experienced team at Queensland Fertility Group is delighted to help.

your ivf success

Queensland Fertility Group's 2019 Success Rate data is now available. Click here to learn more and view our guides for understanding IVF success rates.

Mother, father and baby

QFG holds regular free information sessions for individuals and couples interested in learning more about IVF and other fertility treatments. 

Misunderstandings of Miscarriage Film

Virtus Health is the proud partner of a moving, new film available on Stan, focused on opening up conversations around miscarriage.