Understanding YourIVFSuccess

A new website, called YourIVFSuccess, created and funded by the Federal Government, is launching in Australia. The website contains:

  • Australian IVF clinic pregnancy rate graphs, and
  • A new online Patient Predictor Calculator

We welcome this approach towards improving transparency around IVF success rates. As leaders in assisted reproduction, including IVF, Queensland Fertility Group supports transparency and informed choice. We have been actively involved in consultations for the new website and we welcome its launch.

This guide is designed to assist the navigation of the YourIVFSuccess website.


The YourIVFSuccess website shows individual Australian IVF clinic pregnancy rate graphs.

How to understand the graphs:

  • These graphs provide IVF pregnancy rate & live birth data per clinic, using information from all IVF clinics in Australia, collected by ANZARD in 2020 - 2022.

Always discuss the graphs with a fertility specialist

  • The data used in the graphs cannot be used to compare pregnancy rates between one clinic and another, because clinics have very different patient populations and their treatment methods vary which will influence the data.  
  • The data shown in the graphs is dated as far back as 2020, so does not reflect current IVF pregnancy rates.  The most up to date IVF pregnancy success rates for Queensland Fertility Group are available here.
  • The graphs take into account woman’s age, but they do not factor in an individual’s unique health & fertility complexities or circumstances.

The care model at Queensland Fertility Group, a member of Virtus Health, and how it impacts on IVF pregnancy rate data:

  • Queensland Fertility Group is proud to offer the broadest range of integrated fertility treatments in Australia, in addition to world-class IVF.
  • At Queensland Fertility Group clinics, many simpler and alternative treatments to IVF are offered to patients, such as lifestyle changes and non-medical or medical treatment, such as intra-uterine insemination (IUI), ovulation induction and tracking.
  • This means the people who seek treatment at Queensland Fertility Group includes many people who need more complex care.
  • Queensland Fertility Group clinics are recognised as the ‘go-to’ clinics for second opinion and for people with the most challenging problems.
  • Queensland Fertility Group has become a leading genetic IVF clinic in Australia providing care for a wide range of people with complex and genetic conditions. Given the complexities of care & services offered by Queensland Fertility Group, our team takes great pride in the pregnancy rates achieved.

Queensland Fertility Group strives to continually improve IVF pregnancy success rates and shorten the time to pregnancy by investing in people, technology, and innovation.

During the last three years Queensland Fertility Group has embarked on new data-driven technologies to improve patient outcomes, including developing an artificial intelligence system to help embryo selection. 


  • This tool gives patients an individualised chance of pregnancy after one cycle of IVF.

How to use the new Patient Predictor calculator:

  • To use the online predictor tool, people simply enter their age and a range of parameters, including if they have had IVF before, and the calculator will estimate an age-based chance of pregnancy after one IVF cycle.
  • The calculator uses clinic data submitted by the whole of the IVF industry, as every fertility clinic in Australia presents their clinic data to the Australian and New Zealand Assisted Reproduction Database (ANZARD) every year.
  • The Patient Predictor Calculator is a useful tool as it gives an idea of what the chance of achieving a pregnancy is after IVF.

Always discuss the estimated results with a fertility specialist

  • The online predictor tool does not take into consideration if a person has low AMH levels, or if they have gynaecological conditions such as endometriosis.
  • Every fertility journey is different - there are a number of individual lifestyle factors and issues that affect fertility that simply aren’t included in the ANZARD database.
  • It does not consider male infertility factors or that some patients may have experienced recurrent miscarriages before starting IVF.
  • An online calculator simply cannot take into account all unique circumstances.
  • The individual care offered by any fertility specialist may also vary.  Queensland Fertility Group, a member of Virtus Health, prides itself on not just doing IVF; there are a number of other treatments offered, such as surgery for endometriosis, which may provide alternative treatment pathways of care to achieve a healthy pregnancy.
  • The Patient Predictor Calculator results should always be discussed with a fertility expert, as the score may not be entirely accurate.

For any questions or to make an appointment with a Queensland Fertility Group fertility expert, please call 1800 111 483.