Genetic testing

At Queensland Fertility Group we have extensive experience working with patients at risk from a variety of inherited conditions, such as birth defects and genetic disorders. We offer a wide range of advanced genetic testing to give you the best possible chance of having a healthy baby. We also provide counsellors, who can help you with advice and information about the risks, and support any decisions you make.

A blood test that you can have before you become pregnant, to help determine your likelihood as a couple of having a child with a genetic disorder.

Karyotype testing for both partners having difficulty conceiving can be useful in determining the cause of infertility and possible treatment.

A highly sophisticated scientific technique used to test embryos for specific genetic or chromosomal variations.

The Panorama NIPT test, can provide an indication as to whether there is a high chance your baby has a chromosomal condition.

The Fertility Panel has been designed to investigate genes, in both males and females, which are specifically associated with difficulties in conceiving or maintaining a pregnancy.