Fertility Specialists

At Queensland Fertility Group, we have some of Australia’s leading fertility specialists. Many have played a pioneering role in the development of IVF treatment and techniques, and our researchers and scientists continue to make advanced breakthroughs to continually improve outcomes for our patients. Our nurses, counsellors, support staff and fertility specialists work together to provide personalised treatment to the highest standards.

Each of our fertility specialists brings their unique expertise and understanding, and many have worked at the forefront of IVF developments in Australia and overseas.

Our specialist counsellors play a vital role in your treatment, helping you cope with any stress or setbacks, and supporting you through difficult decisions.

Your Queensland Fertility Group Fertility Nurse provides constant support and day-to-day advice throughout the ups and downs of your fertility treatment.

The researchers and scientists behind each successful pregnancy work to continually improve our Assisted Reproductive Technology. Find out about our specialists in embryology, andrology, preimplantation genetics and endocrinology.

Our Genetics team plays an important role in assessing any genetic risks, and helping you understand test results and implications.