In these videos, some of our fertility specialists explain common conditions that affect men and women's fertility and a range of treatment options. These videos will take you on a journey as to how Queensland Fertility Group can improve your ability to conceive a baby. We are also pleased to showcase some of our leading specialists so that you can better understand their approach to treatment or area of expertise, before your first consultation. 

Causes of infertility

Understand the common causes of male and female infertility and how it can be addressed.

About female reproduction

Learn about how a woman’s reproductive system works & therefore how to get pregnant.

Vasectomy reversal

Vasectomy reversal is an increasingly common procedure. Find out how you can have a baby after a vasectomy.

PGD and Advanced Embryo Selection

PGD and Advanced Embryo Selection

Fertility treatments and success rates

Dr John Esler discusses common fertility treatments and compares success rates using each method.

Fertility assessment & treatments

How a Specialist will assess your fertility and reproductive health & the common treatments available.

IVF success rates

A beginner's guide to interpreting and comparing IVF Success Rates, and what you can expect.