Podcast - Get Me Pregnant!

Get Me Pregnant! season 3 is here! This podcast has been created in partnership with Mamamia to help you or your loved ones navigate their fertility journey. 

We are excited to announce that Queensland Fertility Group and Mamamia have teamed up to bring you the third season of the captivating and informative fertility podcast, Get Me Pregnant!

Get Me Pregnant! tackles important topics, with empathy and plenty of candid conversations and real-life stories, with the goal of helping women and couples get through one of the biggest challenges of their lives.

Our brand-new season is launching on the 29th of September 2022 with an episode going out every week. This season focuses on the mental health aspects of fertility, such as how to manage emotionally and how to support loved ones and friends who are going through fertility treatment. 

Each episode will focus on a different stage of the fertility journey and the emotions that surround it, with the overarching goal of helping individuals feel heard and understood, normalising their feelings, and providing them with resources to deal with their experiences.

The last two seasons covered everything from IVF and fertility treatments, how to boost your chances of getting pregnant, taking on solo motherhood by choice, exploring the many facets of surrogacy, to the ups and downs on the road to parenthood.

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Listen to previous seasons of the podcast below:

Season 3

Episode #1 - When You’re Not Good At Getting Pregnant

At first trying for a baby is fun...you’re taking it easy and letting your partner carry the heavy groceries during the two-week wait. And then the months tick by, marked by the wheel in the app on your phone that tracks your sex life, ovulation, and sadly for many, your period. 

The mental toll of infertility is something that 'Get Me Pregnant' host Leigh Campbell, and guest Hannah Mansur are very familiar with and also hear from IVF Counsellor Melissa Stephens to share her wisdom...

Listen here.

Episode #2 - 'Are You Pregnant Yet?'

It's a question that far too many of us are asked 'Are You Pregnant Yet?'. Whether it's from well-meaning strangers or your close loved ones, anyone going through IVF knows that this question stings!

Melissa Stephens, one of our expert IVF Counsellors, discusses the best approach to navigating these sensitive questions.

Plus, hear from a loving couple who share their first-hand experience with male infertility.

Listen here.

Episode #3 - “All My Friends Are Pregnant And I’m Struggling”

This episode tackles the challenges everyone suffering from infertility faces — babies and pregnant women are around, so how do you deal with it?

Expert IVF Counsellor Melissa Stephens discusses how to deal with feelings such as grief, jealousy, and envy, as well as how to set appropriate boundaries for yourself.

Plus, hear from a woman who, after years of trying for a second child with fertility assistance, has decided it's time to put the book down and celebrate the family that she has.

Listen here.

Episode #4 - After Moving Across The Country, Max & Paris Found The Perfect Donor For Them

It's been said that it takes a village to raise a child, but what about before the child even exists? Who can you turn to for help when you want a baby but things aren't going as planned?

This episode is all about sharing the mental load, finding support, and how to build your village.

You’ll hear from TasIVF Medical Director and Fertility Specialist Dr Manuela Toledo, and from trans/cis couple Max and Paris, who had to cross state lines to get the fertility treatment that was right for them.

Listen here.

Season 2

Episode #1 - "I’m Single At 35 & Having A Baby Alone"

What happens when you've always wanted to start a family, but you haven't found the right person to do it with? 

Our guest today, Sorrell always knew she wanted to be a mum. But when 'Mr Right' failed to show up, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Today, Sorrell has two beautiful children conceived through the help of assisted fertility. Sorrell joins host, Leigh Campbell to talk about what it's really like to do IVF alone, how she picked her donor and what advice she has for other women looking to start a family.

Plus, Dr Manuela Toledo stops by for Fact or Fiction. Manuela is going to help unpack some of the myths around sperm donors and having a baby alone. 

Listen here.

Episode #2 - Why Conceiving Baby Number 2 Isn't Always Easy

What happens when you start looking to expand the family but things aren't happening as quickly as you'd hoped?

Secondary infertility is really common. In fact, it's arguably becoming more common than primary infertility. 

Our guest today, Liz jokes that she and her husband didn't even have sex, they fell pregnant that quickly. So it's fair to say they were pretty shocked when baby number two wasn't happening as quickly as they'd hoped. 

Host, Leigh Campbell and Liz have a very honest and raw conversation about the emotional and physical toll of secondary infertility, as two women going through it. 

Plus Dr Manuela Toledo joins us for Fact or Fiction. Manuela drops by to debunk some of the myths and misconceptions about trying for baby number two. 

Listen here.

Episode #3 - Trudy Couldn’t Conceive, Then She Found A Surrogate

Surrogacy seems like something reserved for celebrities. From Kim Kardashian - West to Cameron Diaz, it feels far out of reach for most regular couples doing assisted fertility. 

So it's safe to say it's something most regular people never think they'll do. 

Our guest today Trudy, had the same reservations. But after a pregnancy complication, Trudy and her husband were told surrogacy was one of the only options they had left to start a family. 

Trudy joins host Leigh Campbell to share the incredible story of how her daughter Bonnie came to be, how they found a surrogate and what happens when your surrogate gets caught overseas in a global pandemic.
And as always, Dr Manuela Toledo joins us for Fact or Fiction, surrogacy edition. 

Listen here.

Episode #4 - Amy & Her Partner Froze Her Eggs, Then They Separated

For anyone on the IVF journey, your frozen embryos are your lifeline if you want more children down the line. Embryo freezing gives you more chances to fall pregnant later, without having to do another cycle of hormone stimulation. 

But what happens when, for whatever reason - maybe you’ve gone through a divorce or you’ve completed your family - and now you no longer need those embryos? What do you do or, better yet, what can you do with them? 

Our guest today, Amy, went through this and she admittedly didn’t really know how to deal with it, so she paid the storage fees for years before making a decision...

Listen here.

Season 1

Episode #1 - How To Know When You Need Help

On the show today we're going to chat to fertility specialist, Manuela Toledo about how to get your body and mind ready if you're trying for a baby.  We're also going to look at what your partner can do to help and how you can tell if you need to see a specialist.

Plus, we'll answer some of the most commonly asked questions about fertility including do previous abortions or the pill cause infertility?

Get Me Pregnant is your no-BS guide to assisted fertility.

Listen here.

Episode #2 - What Are Your Options Before IVF?

Dr Manuela Toledo is back to talk about the less invasive assisted fertility options you can try before IVF, and the tests you should do to figure out why things might not be working as they should be.

Plus, can different sex positions help get you pregnant and is there any truth to the “sticking your legs in the air” myth?

Listen here.

Episode #3 - Everything You Need To Know About IVF

On our latest show, Dr Manuela Toledo is back to talk us through IVF.

We'll break down the process, step by step, so you know exactly what's involved.  We'll also look at the risks and costs associated with treatment. 

If you've got plenty of questions like whether you can use IVF to choose the gender of your baby, or if IVF increases the risk of multiple pregnancies, we're going to give you all the answers.

Listen here.

Episode #4 - IVF Success Rates And Genetic Testing

On the show today, fertility specialist, Manuela Toledo joins us to talk through how to interpret IVF success rates and when you might consider doing pre-implementation genetic testing. 

Plus, we dive deep on how artificial intelligence can select your best embryos to help you get pregnant.

Listen here.

Episode #5 - How To Get Through The Two Week Wait

On the show today, we discuss the two-week wait. What to expect, what support you might need, how to communicate what you are going through and how to pass the time when you're waiting to find out if your treatment worked.  

And fertility specialist Dr Anne Coffey joins us to talk through how to look after your mental health when you are going through assisted fertility. 

Plus, if you are going through IVF right now and want to know if air travel, altitude or stress could affect your chances of falling pregnant through assisted fertility, then this is the episode for you. 

Listen here.

Episode #6 - Coping With Loss

On the show today, we cover the difficult and emotional topic of miscarriage. 

Dr Manuela Toledo is here to talk us through the facts including why miscarriage occurs and whether it affects your chances of future pregnancy.

And Dr Anne Coffey shares her personal experience with miscarriage and her advice on how to get the support you need during this difficult time.

Listen here.

Episode #7 - Putting Your Eggs On Ice

In our latest episode, we talk about everything egg, sperm, and embryo freezing!

Maybe you're thinking about starting a family alone or haven't met the right person yet. You could be worried about your age, might be going through chemotherapy or are just curious - there's a good chance you might have wondered about fertility preservation and if it could help in your situation.

There are so many reasons why freezing genetic material might be the right option for you and to explore them all, we are joined by fertility specialist Dr Raewyn Teirney. 

Listen here.

Episode #8 - Modern Families: Donors Surrogates And Going It Alone

On the show today, we discuss everything sperm, egg and embryo donation and why you might choose to use a surrogate or gestational carrier. 

Dr Manuela Toledo is back to talk us through the laws and legal rights of donors and recipients and what information is available to you when you choose to use a donor. 

Plus, we are joined by Fertility Specialist, Dr Shadi Khashaba who shares his own journey with surrogacy. 

If you are in a same-sex relationship, thinking about going it alone or think that donor sperm, eggs or embryos might be the best option for you, this episode has everything you need to know! 

Listen here.

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