At Queensland Fertility Group, we do all we can to maximise your chance of success. And now, our patients are able to access a newly introduced medium specifically designed to give your embryo a helping hand at the final stage of an IVF cycle, the embryo transfer.

This helping hand is called EmbryoGlue.

Here’s how it works:

In an IVF cycle, the final step of the process is an embryo transfer. Once the best embryo is selected for transfer, the embryo will be taken from the culture dish, which contains EmbryoGlue, in preparation for transfer, and once ready for transfer the embryo is placed into a thin tube called a catheter. This is then passed through the opening of the womb, and the embryo is transferred into the womb usually using ultrasound guidance.

Placing the embryo in EmbryoGlue before transfer can give the embryo an even better chance of implanting.

This is because EmbryoGlue mimics the natural environment in the womb, with nutrients and energy substrates that closely resembles the environment in the womb at the time of implantation.

The medium is not an actual glue, it consists of a high concentration of components that are known to promote implantation, such as hyaluronan, a natural substance and key molecule in embryo development and implantation.

  • The inner wall of the womb and the embryo itself have special molecules on their surface.
  • Hyaluronan binds to these molecules and acts like a bridge between the embryo and the womb.
  • This encourages the embryo to implant.

The latest scientific innovations, at no additional cost.

At QFG, all IVF, ICSI or Frozen Embryo Transfer cycles will include the use of EmbryoGlue technology as a standard of care. This technology is offered at every QFG clinic, at no additional cost.

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