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Our ultimate goal is to improve success rates for our patients. As members of Virtus Health, our leading scientific minds continuously pioneer new innovations and operate at the highest international standard in reproductive technology which drives your success.

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Success starts in the laboratories. See what new technology we're using in ours to help increase success rates.

We offer access to the most up to date technological and scientific advances, including EmbryoScope+ and Pre-conception Screening, to give our patients the highest chance of achieving their dreams of parenthood. The EmbryoScope+, a state-of-the-art incubator with high resolution time-lapse camera and a computer with specialised software to expertly monitor embryo development, is now offered to all Queensland Fertility Group patients, at no additional cost.

Research is also highly important, and QFG enables ongoing investment in the very highest standards of laboratory technology.

We are currently testing whether the artificial intelligence system alongside EmbryoScope+ can predict how likely an embryo is to develop as far as the stage of having a fetal heart and can thus help the embryologist to select the best embryo for transfer. Find out more about the AI study here.

How to choose the right clinic for you

Choosing a fertility clinic can feel overwhelming. So how do you choose the right one for you? We’ve broken it down for you in a helpful video, watch here.

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