Queensland Fertility Group is proud to be the first IVF clinic in Queensland to use the innovative technology revolutionising embryo culture and selection – the Embryoscope.

What is an EmbryoScope?

The Embryoscope combines a state-of-the-art incubator, a high resolution time-lapse camera and a computer with specialised software to expertly monitor embryo development. This new technology takes an image approximately every 10 minutes, allowing scientists to carefully monitor an embryo’s development via the high resolution time-lapse camera whilst in the incubator. Clinical research has shown the Embryoscope system may improve reproductive outcomes for patients.

What are the benefits of using an EmbryoScope?

A more controlled environment

Traditionally, fertilised embryos are removed from an incubator once or twice a day and examined under a microscope to observe developmental progress. Embryos are known to have specific requirements with regards to temperature and pH which incubators provide during their time in culture, before they are transferred back into the woman. Using the built-in time-lapse photographic capabilities of the Embryoscope, scientists can now review the development of embryos at any point in time, without removing them from their incubator. Reduced handling and manipulation of the embryos may contribute to improved embryo viability.

Insights into embryo development

With the information obtained from the additional images taken by the time-lapse camera in the Embryoscope, scientists can identify optimal patterns of development or abnormalities in an embryo’s growth that may have previously gone undetected.

Identify the best embryo to transfer

Using the Embryoscope, we can track with greater precision the sequence and time at which cell division is taking place, both of which appear to have a bearing on the chance of achieving a successful pregnancy. We can obtain very accurate data on various developmental parameters, such as time to first cell division, and observe abnormal development like the direct division from one cell to three cells. This enables us to identify factors which may influence a decision to select or not select a particular embryo for transfer.

Who may benefit from using an EmbryoScope?

In the future, it may be that all embryos are cultured this way, however at the moment, patients who may benefit the most are:

  • Women who have experienced repeated failure to become pregnant after embryo transfer
  • Women whose embryos have previously failed to develop
  • Women who have experienced repeated miscarriage
  • Women over 35 years of age

Your QFG Fertility Specialist will be able to discuss your specific circumstances and describe in more detail how you may benefit from using the Embryoscope.

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