GIFT Treatment

Gamete Intro-Fallopian Transfer (GIFT) begins with traditional IVF treatment – with ovarian stimulation, monitoring and egg (or oocyte) collection. However, the difference between IVF and GIFT is that the collected egg and prepared sperm are then placed together in the woman’s fallopian tube, to allow for fertilisation with the body.

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How is GIFT performed?

The GIFT process begins the same way as a regular IVF cycle. First, your ovaries are stimulated using a series of hormone injections, to encourage egg development and maturation. You will then be given an injection to trigger ovulation, and the eggs contained within the follicles are collected in a day surgery procedure.

With GIFT, instead of the eggs being then placed together in a dish with your partner's sperm, the best-looking egg is transferred into your fallopian tubes along with your partner’s sperm, using a laparoscope.

Who might benefit from GIFT treatment?

For GIFT to be considered as a treatment option, at least one of the patient's fallopian tubes – and the partner’s sperm – must be normal. Pregnancy rates from GIFT are lower than IVF and for this reason GIFT is not commonly performed unless there is a religious or ethical objection to conventional IVF treatment.

To find out more about GIFT, or to book an appointment with a Queensland Fertility Group Fertility Specialist, call 1800 111 483 to speak with an experienced fertility consultant.

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