11 January 2022

COVID-19 Patient Update January 2022

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In response to the surge of COVID-19 in January 2022, QFG is implementing a number of measures for your protection, including increased screening, testing and limiting the number of individuals in our facilities.  Please note, these changes have been updated as of Tuesday, 11 January.

Some patients admitted to a QFG facility, as detailed below, will need to demonstrate a negative COVID test. These tests will be facilitated and arranged by your managing specialist or your clinic / hospital. You do not need to arrange these yourself prior to the start of your treatment unless advised to do so by your specialist.

For patients undergoing an IVF Cycle (including Donor and Recipient Cycles) or frozen embryo transfer, rapid antigen testing will be performed prior to egg pick up and transfer. 

For most patients undergoing insemination, a negative rapid antigen test is no longer required prior to admission, however, some clinics will have additional requirements based on the risk assessment for their facility, so please check with your managing clinic or specialist for further information on this.

If sperm collection is required, the collection should be performed off site where possible.

Please be aware that if you have any symptoms, you should not enter any QFG facility, but contact your specialist for further instructions. 

Our Medical Director, A/Prof Anusch Yazdani, will be hosting a Facebook Live session around all things COVID-19 on Thursday, 13 January at 6pm AEST.  Please see the QFG Facebook page for details.  Send any questions you would like to see covered in this session to [email protected].

Watch out on this page for further updates on our COVID-19 protocols. For questions relating to your individual situation, please contact your managing specialist or your QFG clinic directly.

Watch out this page for further updates on our Covid-19 protocols. 

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