15 September 2022

New IVF documentary Big Miracles coming soon to NINE

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Watch Big Miracles airing on Channel 9 and learn more about the show here.

Filmed over a 14-month period, Big Miracles is the incredible new factual series which follows the highs, lows, and sheer determination of people trying to get pregnant when the odds are stacked against them.   

Announced by Channel NINE today, the series has been filmed exclusively inside IVF Australia clinics - an Australian-first - and captures the real-life IVF journeys of parents-to-be, and the devoted clinic staff who support them.

Filming was made possible when Virtus Health opened their fertility clinic doors across Australia including IVF Australia, Queensland Fertility Group, Melbourne IVF and The Fertility Centre.

The inspirational series documents the entire IVF process, from delicate egg collection procedures to embryo transfers. Plus, intimate personal moments, from baby showers, gender reveal parties, to births. 

Instrumental in the inception of the series, Teena Pisarev, Chief Operating Officer at Virtus Health said: “Everyone’s journey with IVF is different, some experience immense grief and pain, others unparalleled joy and happiness, no two stories are the same. We wanted to help open-up conversations around IVF to get more people talking about it, which naturally leads to better understanding and hopefully more support for those going through it. The different roles played by our embryologists, our nurses, our doctors, is incredible to see on screen. It really does take a village to create a baby inside the clinic.”

“Virtus Health is proud to be such an integral part of Big Miracles. We anticipate a strong reaction to people seeing Big Miracles; the stories shared are incredibly moving, and for those that haven’t experienced infertility, it really takes you into the reality of the IVF journey,” said Teena Pisarev.

Big Miracles is produced by Ronde Media (Bondi Rescue, Outback Ringer, The First Inventors) and will broadcast on Channel 9 in 2023.   


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