17 April 2014

Overcoming poor sperm quality – A real patient’s story.

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The story below was recently submitted on our Fertility Forum for current QFG patients. The author has kindly given her approval to share her story with you, and will remain anonymous. We hope it’s something to keep your spirits high as a reminder that goals can be achieved…

“Hi everyone, Just thought I'd share a share a good news story regarding an original diagnosis of poor sperm quality and quantity. When we got my DH's count in January I was shocked to learn he had only 3% normally structured sperm. So for the last 3 months we've done everything possible to improve it...

He cut right down on caffeine, began exercising regularly, minimised alcohol consumption, had acupuncture, took herbs and fertility vitamins all in an effort to improve it.

We had been told that it takes 3 months to refresh sperm supply, but I wasn't sure what to believe as there is a lot of information out there and it can be difficult to know what to believe.

What I do count on is personal experience, and I can absolutely confirm that our concerted effort over the last 3 months has paid off. When the scientist phoned the day after EPU I was pleasantly surprised with the news that my DH's sperm had made a complete recovery with a full count, all normal. Couldn't believe it...... And thankfully all 3 eggs fertilised perfectly.

Best of luck on your journey :)”

Congratulations is in order as this patient has recently achieved a positive pregnancy result!

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