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Our experienced fertility nurses are “the experts” on giving confidential advice to anyone who is having trouble falling pregnant in the Brisbane area. They have extensive experience with fertility patients and a passion for women’s health.

Whether you would like to book an appointment for some fertility investigations, or simply want some advice on how to increase your chances of falling pregnant naturally, our fertility nurses are always happy to assist.

Here are some of the more common discussions our nurses have with couples and single women who are trying to conceive:

Falling pregnant naturally

Are you and your partner doing everything you can to boost your natural fertility? There are a number of ways that you can increase your chances of falling pregnant and our nurses will help you identify any of these which you may have ‘missed’. Did you know that sperm survives 2-3 days in the fallopian tubes, but once your egg is released it only survives for 24 hours? Our nurses do!

You may also like to discuss the Fertility Insights Programme with one our nurses. This a 6 step program that anyone trying to fall pregnant should follow - and the first 4 you can do yourself, for free!

Our team of nurses will help you understand all the options available to you. Should you keep trying, or perhaps seek advice from your GP or a Fertility Specialist? Whatever your circumstances, there is no pressure to take any step until you and your partner are comfortable to do so. 

Booking a consultation with a fertility specialist

Depending on your age, and how long you've been trying, our nurses may recommend it's time for you to see a Fertility Specialist. A Fertility Specialist can conduct simple tests to find out what’s happening, and recommend some options to help you fall pregnant sooner. This may be as simple as ovulation tracking or making some lifestyle changes.

Our Fertility Specialists each have their own unique personality and approach to treatment so it is important to select the ‘right’ Specialist for you. One of our nurses can help you make your selection based on your own preferences and their knowledge of our Specialists, and can also help you book an appointment. Call 1800 111 483 during business hours or complete the form below. 

Fertility investigations, treatments and costs

Fertility investigationstreatments and costs can seem daunting and confusing at first and there is no such thing as a stupid question! Our nursing team are very knowledgable when it comes to fertility investigations, treatments and their costs, and can simplify these for you.

Falling pregnant with the help of a donor

Using donated eggs, sperm or embryos gives some couples, or single women, their only chance of having a baby. Our nurses can explain how our Donor Programme works, the steps involved and some of the issues that you should consider before making this decision.

Whatever your individual circumstances, you can take a positive step towards pregnancy - give our Fertility Nurses a call today.

Call us on 1800 111 483 during business hours (Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm), or complete the form below.