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Professor Hayden Homer


Highly qualified, internationally recognised, thorough and attentive

Hysteroscopic Surgery / Laparoscopic Surgery / Male Fertility / Reproductive Endocrinology / Specialist Egg Freezing / Gynaecology / Fertility Preservation / Donor & Surrogacy

Professor Homer is a caring, compassionate specialist highly experienced in reproductive medicine.

Professor Hayden Homer has over 20 years’ experience in Infertility and Gynaecology and is a specialist in Obstetrics & Gynaecology with Royal Colleges in Australia & New Zealand (FRANZCOG) and in the UK (MRCOG). He has the unique distinction of also holding an advanced accreditation in Fertility and Reproductive Surgery in both Australia & New Zealand (CREI) as well as the UK (CCSST). Hayden’s practice focuses on fertility treatment (including miscarriage), gynaecology and minimal access surgery for many conditions including endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian cysts, pelvic pain and uterine abnormalities. He has a PhD in fertility research from the UK and holds a Professorship in Reproductive Medicine at the University of Queensland where he directs research aimed at developing innovative technologies for improving ageing egg quality.

Professor Homer combines an extensive clinical track-record with a deep understanding of the basic biology underpinning fertility and infertility, and he firmly believes that it is critical for patients to understand their own unique fertility problems. His treatment philosophy therefore centres on educating patients and taking the time to help his patients understand sometimes complex biological conditions. To allow for this, he favours longer appointment times that facilitate attention to detail, with patience and approachability. For these reasons too, he no longer practices Obstetrics thereby enabling him to devote his undivided attention to fertility and gynaecology patients. Hayden strongly believes that the best chance of pregnancy success comes from highly individualised treatment planning. His breadth of knowledge and fertility experience allow him to design patient-specific programs incorporating the latest developments in the field geared towards maximising success rates.

Hayden offers a highly personalised management style, is patient, thorough, approachable, and readily accessible during treatments. He is also available for consultations outside of normal work hours, including weekends.

Professor Hayden Homer

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