Laurie Hearly

Laurie Hearley

Meet Laurie, a highly knowledgeable Endorsed Midwife and nurse with 20+ years' expertise, at QFG. Empathetic care and support for your individual journey.

Laurie joined QFG in 2023 after working 21 years in major tertiary adult hospitals and the Royal Childrens’ Hospital as a Registered Nurse and Midwife.

Midwifery was never in the plan – but after working overseas she landed back in Australia with a focus on women and newborns and returned to ACU to become a Midwife in 2007. 

Many years supporting women in the trenches of birth led her to continue her education to become an Endorsed Midwife.  This has led to working in the collaborative care model with women, families, and Obstetricians at QFG.

Over the last 14 years, Laurie has split her time between the Mater Mothers' Birth Suite and at Hatch Private Maternity supporting families within the private sector. This has included consulting, teaching antenatal classes, breastfeeding support, and facilitating parents' groups.

In her downtime, Laurie balances her work with her three children and the many sports and adventures they are now exploring now they are all in school.

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