Accessible IVF - Cairns

At Queensland Fertility Group, we understand that the emotional and financial pressure associated with IVF can make the process seem overwhelming.

To ease the burden and make IVF more accessible, we are pleased to offer reduced prices for IVF cycles in Cairns.

Estimated out-of-pocket cycle cost after discount applied*
First cycleSubsequent cycle

*Note: These are the out-of-pocket costs, after Medicare and extended Medicare Safety Net rebates have been applied, and include all Fertility Specialist, day hospital and anaesthetist fees, medication costs and registration fees.

QFG Cairns' experienced Fertility Specialists are committed to providing expert care and advice throughout your path to pregnancy. Our specialists work closely with our team of nurses, scientists and counsellors to give you the best chance of having a baby.

As part of your initial consultation other less invasive options than IVF will be discussed with you. Based on your medical history and individual circumstances, they may recommend options such as Ovulation Induction (OI) or Intrauterine Insemination (IUI).

In order to access this reduced price, special criteria apply. To find out more about accessible IVF, or to book an appointment, please call (07) 4041 2400, or send us an enquiry.