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The Patient Portal is exclusively made available to Queensland Fertility Group (QFG) patients, to allow them to share their experiences and support each other through their fertility treatments.

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QFG Cairns Fertility Clinic

Now offering FREE nursing consultations 


When conception isn’t going your way it can be stressful. Let us ease the pressure with a FREE 20 - 30 minute nursing consultation. The experienced fertility nurses at QFG Cairns are now conducting free consultations to discuss your concerns, and understand your medical history.  This means you’ll be equipped with the right advice to be on your quickest path to pregnancy.

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Your FREE nursing appointment at QFG Cairns is tailored to your individual needs and is ideal for:

  • Couples who are having trouble conceiving
  • Single women wanting to know their options (e.g. freezing eggs, accessing donor sperm)
  • Same sex couples wanting to know more about our Sperm Donor Program

So whether you’re looking for some answers on why it’s taking so long, or are keen to develop a pregnancy plan today, this consultation is the perfect first step for you. Choose to have your appointment over the phone, or in person at the QFG Cairns clinic.

To book your free nursing consultation, call (07) 4041 2400


What to expect at your appointment

At your private consultation, one of our experienced Fertility Nurses will discuss your individual fertility concerns and determine what you would like to achieve from the appointment. They will then take your medical history in order to better understand your circumstances and provide you with some professional guidance on what you’re doing ‘right’ as well as the possible causes for your pregnancy delay.

There may be a number of ways you can improve your chances of falling pregnant naturally, and in the meantime, we encourage you to visit our Fertility Insights Program page for some clear step by step advice. 

Cairns leading Fertility Specialists

The Cairns team have helped over 1200 couples conceive through assisted reproduction techniques, of those around 600 through IVF technology.  When you choose QFG Cairns, you are coming to the leading minds in fertility, where we are dedicated to giving you the best chance of achieving a pregnancy, both naturally and with the assistance of fertility treatment.

If it is recommended that you undergo fertility treatment to achieve pregnancy, our Cairns clinic offers the complete range of treatment options, from low-cost inseminations to IVF. We also have our own laboratory, and genetically test all new patients to check if any chromosomal abnormalities may be affecting their fertility.

Our high pregnancy rates mean you’re likely to need fewer treatment cycles to become pregnant. The experienced and caring team at QFG Cairns are dedicated to making the process as easy as possible – emotionally, physically and, of course, financially.

If required day surgery procedures are carried out at the Cairns Day Surgery on Grafton Street. 

Doctors from this practice

Dr Robert Miller

Bob is a popular fertility specialist, known for his friendly, positive nature and personal care.


Dr Anne Coffey

Anne is an experienced and caring Fertility Specialist known for her friendly and caring nature, and passion for women's health.


Dr Elizabeth Jackson

Down-to-earth and friendly, Liz has a thorough, caring approach to assisting patients through their fertility investigations.

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