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The Patient Portal is exclusively made available to Queensland Fertility Group (QFG) patients, to allow them to share their experiences and support each other through their fertility treatments.

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Fertility Treatments & Procedures

Your Queensland Fertility Group Specialist will work with you to develop a personalised treatment plan, based on your individual circumstances. Seeing a Fertility Specialist does not necessarily mean you will need to do IVF. Ultimately, our aim is to help you maximise your natural fertility, and often our specialists will recommend less-invasive, more affordable fertility treatment options before IVF.

As Queensland's largest fertility group, we offer you access to a very broad range of treatments.

What is Ovulation Induction (OI)?

A relatively simple treatment that uses medication to encourage ovulation that may be combined with ovulation monitoring to help you determine your most fertile time. Find out more about OI…

What is Artificial Insemination?

Also referred to as Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), this treatment involves inserting prepared sperm, either from a partner or donor, through the neck of the womb close to the time of ovulation. To help determine whether this is appropriate treatment for you, try our IUI vs IVF tool. Find out more about IUI…

What is In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)?

During an IVF cycle, eggs are collected from a woman and fertilised with sperm in a laboratory, and a resulting embryo is then placed back into the woman’s womb. Find out more about IVF…

What is ICSI or PICSI (ICSI-HA)?

An advanced form of IVF where the sperm is inserted directly into the egg by an embryologist. This may also include PICSI or ICSI-HA, which involves testing the sperm before it is inserted into the egg. Find out more about ICSI….

What is Gamete Intra-Fallopian Transfer (GIFT)?

A relatively uncommon procedure, when female eggs are collected from the ovaries and then inserted into the woman’s fallopian tubes along with the partner’s sperm to facilitate fertilisation within the body. Find out more about GIFT…

What are Frozen Embryo Transfers (FETs)?

If more than one suitable embryo is obtained from an IVF cycle, the additional embryos will be cryopreserved (frozen) for future use. These embryos can then be thawed and transferred into the womb at later time. Find out more about FET…

When is Fertility Surgery required?

In some cases, surgery may be required to accurately assess and treat the cause pregnancy delay. For example when endometriosis or fibroids are suspected, or to overcome an identified issue, such as surgical sperm retrieval where the vas deferens may be blocked or absent. Find out more about fertility surgery…

What is Egg Freezing?

Egg freezing allows you to store your unfertilised eggs, to preserve their quality for use in the future. If you're not ready to get pregnant, but don’t want to miss out on having a family of your own, egg freezing might be the solution for you. Find out more about egg freezing...

What is an Embryoscope?

The Embryoscope combines a state-of-the-art incubator, a high resolution time-lapse camera and a computer with specialised software, allowing our scientists to review the development of embryos at any point in time, without removing them from their incubator. Reduced handling, as well as the additional data provided by round-the-clock monitoring may contribute to improved embryo viability. Find out more about the Embryoscope…

Fertility Drug Information

If your QFG Fertility Specialist has recommended Cetrotide, Gonal-f, Luveris, Ovidrel, Pergoveris Puregon, Elonva or Orgalutran, you can find resources on these medications via our Fertility Drugs Information page. Find out more about fertility drugs...

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