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15 August 2018

Investigation of the long term health effects of ICSI and the health of men born to fathers with poor sperm quality.

12 September 2017

Virtus Health fertility specialists are leaders in their field as a consequence of the care they provide to their patients.

30 June 2017

Virtus Health believes that everyone should be treated equally and have the right to marry the person they love.

19 May 2017

Medical Directors from temper the media’s suggestion that ‘Hope renewed for infertile women’ due to a poppy seed oil ‘cleaning of fallopian tubes.

15 November 2016

Queensland Fertility Group welcomes and supports the ACCC’s review of information provided by Australian fertility clinics on IVF success rates.

28 July 2016

New findings of a long term study following 25,000 women has shown that undergoing IVF is not linked to an increased risk of breast cancer.

16 May 2016

New survey shows 1000 women aged 18-45 have are in support of fertility preservation due to taking their career as priority over having children.

19 September 2015

Melbourne IVF announces pregnancy and birth success from ovarian tissue graft after a women had been left infertile after cancer treatment.

11 August 2015

In an Australian first, two families have delivered healthy babies on the same day one in Melbourne the other Sydney conceived using karyomapping.

15 June 2015

Women with endometriosis are at an increased risk of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy, according to results of a study of more than 14,000 subjects.

12 August 2014

Dr Molloy described a media article published calling for criminal and child protection background checks into IVF patients as discriminatory and offensive.

25 May 2014

National survey reveals the lack of fertility knowledge around age and it's impact on women's fertility and chance of IVF success.

17 April 2014

A QFG patient comes forward about their story in overcoming poor quality sperm.

7 April 2014

QFG is proud to have strong representation in ASPIRE, a society dedicated to developing and advancing fertility services in the Asia Pacific region.

24 February 2014

We found that children conceived by IVF grew into healthy, normal adults when compared to children conceived spontaneously.

3 September 2013

Melbourne IVF announced the world’s first pregnancy from ovarian tissue grafted in the anterior abdominal wall of a Victorian woman.

10 July 2013

New Swedish study on the health of children conceived with ICSI was published this week and received conflicting media coverage.

14 November 2012

ASRM announces its position to lift the ‘experimental’ label from social egg freezing after a decade of research and development to review safety and efficacy

8 May 2012

New study explored the risk of health problems for children conceived following ART treatment.

31 March 2012

QFG disagrees with recommendations of Victorian Parliament's Law Reform Committee that the identity of sperm donors should be available to their adult progeny